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The Hominid Rap
an 8 minute tour through 7 million years of human evolution and a pretty good study guide. Click here for lyrics.
    The SLO Song

educational philosophy

  I believe that taking an anthropological approach to answering the big questions about life instills respect for cultural diversity as a matter of course. Every student should learn to look beyond the blinders of culture to examine the reality of human existence throughout history and across the globe.  
  anthropological approaches to elementary curricula  
  an anthropological context: making your mission statement mesh with your curriculum (Independent School, Fall 2009)  
  3rd grade: the one-day unit on "culture"  
  teaching anthropology in high school  
  a pop song borrowed to help explain what SLO's are and why college students should care about them. additional vocals were provided by Tanya Pray.
help me help someone else
whether it's buying prosthetic limbs for children overseas or helping veterans and students here at home, your money will be out there doing good. Click for details.